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What an exciting time for CELL INFUSE. We are thrilled to unveil our new look! Using Bio-active ingredients CELL INFUSE products achieve real results.


I have included in STEMULATE the most advanced skin science natural nutrients known to hydrate, nourish, and protect aging skin…while making it look years younger.

Australian, Natural and Organic

Every step in the formulation and manufacturing of CELL INFUSE is about making a difference, and putting exactly what is needed in to the products to see changes on your skin. Today’s science harnessing a millennium of natures power for a more beautiful you.




LifeCell Australia bring you a full range of anti-aging products from the LifeCell brand, and have worked with one of Australia’s top bio chemists to develop our own CELL Infuse range of anti-aging skincare right here in Australia.



LifeCell and CELL Infuse nutraceuticals are essential nutrients for inner health & vitality to promote internal well-being and external radiance. Enhance your health and protect against disease and illness; plus more anti-aging power!



Do you have concerns with your complexion and are confused about the best products to use to get results?  Let us recommend a solution for you, everything from where to start with a skincare routine, to advance products and inner health.

regenisis plus pack

BLOG: Healthy Living & Organic Beauty


I am excited today to launch our premium CELL Infuse product, STEMULATE.  It’s been a long time coming, but I know you will say “WOW! I love this.”

STEMULATE has the finest, purest anti-aging ingredients in dense […]

Evolution of CELL INFUSE

Soon to be launched STEMULATE brings together Science, Nature and Organics.
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Introducing CELL INFUSE Organic Velvety Soft PRIMER

Why you’ll love this new CELL INFUSE Organic Velvety Soft PRIMER.
A true beauty breakthrough!! Multi-tasking native extracts. Fresh Aloe Vera organically grown on a farm locally. This very highly concentrated, hydrating primer and toner in […]

A must for over 35 year olds

If you have blown the candles out for your 35th birthday, or older and are still not using a Vitamin C serum, I would encourage you too. And here’s why….
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The most […]


LifeCell Australia provides the best in Anti-aging benefits through organic non-toxic products. We capture the latest in available research to provide you with benefits that are safe, noticeable and lasting. We are passionate, committed and strive for excellence. Our uncompromising belief is that answers to skin care and inner health lie in organic and natural solutions.

At the heart of our CELL Infuse range is our philosophy that nature is the best source of effective skincare. Throughout every CELL Infuse product you will find natural anti-aging solutions in plant extracts, natural vitamins, acids, oils & liposomes. We continue to research and increase the use of ORGANIC ingredients to enhance your experience, ensuring they work in harmony with your skin and body, stimulating, detoxifying and regenerating.

What our clients are saying!

Wow I started taking Cell Infuse SuperGreens only 2 weeks ago and it is fantastic. I mix it each morning with a glass water and find the taste to be pleasant. I have noticed my skin is not so dry and has a glow to it. My complexion has improved dramatically and I have lost the redness in my face. I also have more energy and don’t get so tired throughout the day.
Anne, CELL Infuse SuperGreens
This is a beautiful cleanser, I just love using it! I use an lash extension mascara and was surprised to see how easy it was removed with just one pump. My skin feels & looks smoother. I use it every night.
Cheryle B, CELL Infuse Hydrating Cleanser
I love this product. My skin feels great!!, People are always complementing me and I always tell them what I am using, so I am sure a lot of your customers have come from me!! 🙂 My husband has also started using it now. LOL
Josephine, LifeCell Anti-aging Cream
This is a gorgeous product. The texture of the cream is light and yet it gives great coverage. The shade is perfect for my skin colour. I couldn’t be happier with it.
Deb, CELL Infuse BB Cream
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