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“The answer lies in natural solutions that work in harmony with our human chemistry” – Judy Mills

BLOG: Healthy Living & Organic Beauty

Food Addiction and the Effects on Our Brains

For sometime I have wanted to share a little more about what is happening to our food before we go to purchase it. As you all are aware a lot of our food is changing […]

Inner Health – Outer Beauty

If you truly want to have glowing, beautiful skin, you have to start from the inside out. Good makeup can help to mask issues, but it can only do so much if your skin is […]

3 Types of Stretching for Anti-Aging

We have had the most beautiful start to spring with our weather in Queensland, and it certainly gets us all thinking about preparing our bodies for summer, especially if we have added a kilo or […]

What are your eyes revealing about you?

When it comes to looking younger, we need to concentrate our efforts on the areas that matter most – that is where others will see first. For that reason, I love to work on my […]