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Don’t Be Scared to Go Green

green smoothies

Green drinks are great for your health, but many people are put off because they often taste like crushed grass. Given the time it takes to juice your own green drinks or the risk of guzzling pesticides from store bought versions, it’s easy to sail through life without this health changing drink. We really wanted to change that.

green smoothiesI’ve been juicing fresh organic greens for 17 years, since  cancer. Given some of the problems I’d just mentioned, I created a very tasty juice powder product in Organic form called CELL Infuse Super Greens… it’s a green drink that takes away all the things people hate about juicing. It’s quick to prepare, tastes great and has no nasty pesticides or chemical additives.

But it’s the health benefits that are really worth your attention.

benefits of green drinksThe first thing people notice is the fat loss. Cell Infuse Super Greens stops the ‘hormonal hurricane’ that creates fat in the first place. For instance, take the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is released when you’re stressed, but as it floods the body, it produces ugly-looking belly fat. Super Greens counteracts this effect and helps reduce the bodily impact of the stress we all encounter each day.

However, the benefits go beyond just a leaner body. You’ll also notice brighter eyes, clearer skin and beautiful, lustrous hair that radiates good health. The anti-oxidants can also help combat cancer and the effects of ageing.

Check out CELL Infuse Super Greens if you haven’t already. It’s a real eye opener, especially if you’ve been struggling with stubborn belly fat. The secret to its deliciousness is that contains Cacao, Acai and Camu Camu.

Here’s the full list of ingredients and what they do for you…

Spirulina – A blue green algae, considered one of the most nutrient dense foods known.
Chlorella – Overall rejuvenation properties, contains Nucleic Acids which have been known to assist against the ageing process.
Moringa – Youth preserving effects of Zeatin can assist in delaying cell ageing.
Maca – Can balance hormones and moods.
Acai – Rich antioxidant with high ORAC values (oxygen radical absorption capacity).
Camu Camu – In a powder form it can deliver the equivalent of 30-60 times more Vitamin C than a fresh orange. Offers great immune support and clarity benefits.
Wheatgrass – Powerful detoxifier and blood builder.
Cacao – Wonderful for longevity, assists in regulating moods. Also the sulphur is a beauty mineral for strong nails and hair.

Usage: Take half a scoop to start then increase to a scoop a day.

Here’s what some health experts and customers have to say:

super-greens-testimonialKristin Day – September 28, 2015:
I am a Naturopath by trade and am setting up a business in holistic fertility coaching. My menopause symptoms disappeared after taking CELL Infuse Super Greens (after 8 years of hell) so I know how good it is for hormonal balance (especially with the Maca).

Adam Wallace – February 15, 2016:
This product is the best there is. I feel so healthy and full of energy. I have noticed since taking the CELL Infuse Super Greens that I have not experienced any sickness, which has felt wonderful. I mix my Greens each morning with a fruit smoothie which has also added that extra burst of nutrition to my daily diet. I highly recommend this product for both taste and health!

Yours in good health,
Judy and the LCA Team.

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