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A Surprising Way to Burn Fat, Gain Energy and Look Younger..

detox your body

Recently we have been flooded with emails from people who are really hurting. Wanting to lose weight, and look good. I truly understand that as I was one of them some years back. This is what they share…

  • detox-your bodyThey want to feel younger!
  • They want to feel more energy!
  • They want to feel confident!
  • Weight is a real concern.

Every day we’re inundated with toxic foods and chemicals that wreak havoc on our hormones and our immune system, causing weight gain. We have an oestrogen overload from much of the food we consume. This is further added to from what we put on our skin, as well as what we are coming in contact with in the environment.

By detoxifying your body and boosting your energy levels with the correct nutrients, you are helping to burn fat, to sleep better, to feel great and improve your skin.

resveratrolYou may know resveratrol as a powerful polyphenol found in grapes and other fruits that can fight ailments from cancer and heart conditions Alzheimer’s and diabetes. But that’s not all this amazing antioxidant can do. New research published in the International Journal of Obesity has found that resveratrol and other polyphenols found in fruit might be great for skin and your weight. It does this by turning your fat into fat. Our LifeCell Collagen contains high quality resveratrol in an easy to take supplement.

organic acai berry powderCELL Infuse Super Greens has 8 of the powerful organic ingredients to balance and rejuvenate the body including a nutrient Acai. Acai will greatly assist weight loss, assist digestion and colon cleansing, along with inflammation benefits.

Lyn says “I am having the most amazing dreams and sleeping better than I have for years since taking the Super Greens”.

So right now we are offering LifeCell Cream, CELL Infuse Super Greens and LifeCell Collagen Booster
– $307 normally for $269 saving $38.


Here’s to better health and vitality!
Judy & the LCA Team.

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