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Doctor Oz Recommends Resveratrol For Anti-Aging

Dr Oz recommends Resveratrol

Dr Oz recommends ResveratrolAs I’ve shared before I’ve had a long-term passion & commitment to see natural solutions for our skin & organic nutrition for internal health become readily available – especially in the area of anti-aging so when I came across Dr Oz, many years ago promoting Resveratrol I became quite excited.

I think most of us would be aware that Dr. Oz is the Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon & professor at Columbia University; he’s an author and came to prominence on Oprah as a health expert addressing various health concerns & now has his own successful day show. He’s a great advocate for health and wholeness.

resveratrolHe has always promoted Resveratrol, an anti-aging supplement that has become increasingly popular over recent times. Supplements containing extracts of Resveratrol help to counteract the aging process every human has. Resveratrol also found in red wine, and has been found to increase your longevity and increase energy each day. Dr Oz said that to get all of the benefits without taking the Resveratrol supplement, we would have to drink over twelve bottles of red wine each day – ah!!!! How totally silly would we be.

He also stated that with the correct supplement and dieting, we could very easily live to be over 100, and with as much spark as somebody a quarter of our age. Now, is that getting you interested to know more?

Resveratrol anti-aging pills work by adding more strength to the cells.
Our cells become more efficient and faster to cure themselves.
To give your cells an extra boost, Dr. Oz suggests a resveratrol supplement.

LifeCell Collagen SupplementsHere’s a few benefits of our LifeCell Collagen Capsules, packed with Resveratrol:

  • Decreases odds of diseases related with age such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer
  • Diminishes the risk of diseases; especially heart disease
  • Increases vitality
  • Increases the longevity of our lives; which in turn makes us happier and more satisfied.
  • Assist in the rebuilding of Collagen.

Due to these new scientific findings, the Resveratrol anti-aging capsule has received lots of media exposure and has become one of the most popular supplements in the marketplace today to look younger and more youthful. The disease-fighting benefits of resveratrol are vast, along with great improvements to the skin particularly in the rebuilding of firmness and collagen to the face.


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Here’s to a healthier you!
Judy & the LCA Team

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