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My Journey of Self-Empowerment – By Judy Mills

The first forty years of my life involved many twists and turns and presented me with many lessons to learn… Judy Mills
Eventually I reached a point where I knew I had to own what was happening to my health and take full control to heal my body and mind on all levels.

At fifteen years of age I was diagnosed with Poly Arthritis forcing me to leave school, due to the inability to write.
My body was completely challenged; particularly my arms which were so severely affected.

In my thirties I had a tumor in my lung and rib cage, then had a hysterectomy in my late thirties….All the while I never felt well ….I was just existing …

In my forties, I owned and ran businesses, led a stressful life without a lot of balance, (obviously running on adrenal stress, not truly managing my life as we should under these circumstances).

Then at the age of 51, I was biologically over 100 years old with cancerous cells …This was a true wake up call!! And this time I knew it was up to me. I had to take responsibility to heal and change my life in so many ways and on so many levels.

I sold my last business in late 1998, then I was fortunate to have the time to continue to heal and empower myself with knowledge and research, and truly take charge of my own destiny.

I became extremely interested in health care and also anti-aging and at that time my research took me to work with one of the leading anti-aging practitioners in Australia. I was like a sponge; learning, studying and soaking up knowledge. How could we bring the youth back into our bodies? Could we have them functioning biologically many years younger than our chronological age? When we find the right balance holistically…Wow!!

About three years ago I started working in a scientific field looking at heart health (Heart Disease being the no 1 killer of people). As we age, we lose a nutrient called Nitric Oxide from our bodies. This may result in a loss of pliability from the arteries and veins, compromising our health and blood flow to all parts of the body. I also saw when we added a particular nutrient (a precursor to nitric oxide) the biological age became much younger. Oxygen levels and blood flow also greatly improved…

Then I wanted to see if there was a nutrient that would do the same for the outer skin. And it wasn’t long before I found it in the product ‘LifeCell’. It contains the precursor to Nitric Oxide, along with other nutrients that will heal and de-age the skin…firming the collagen, all with a molecular structure that will penetrate twenty levels deep. This formula is safe and compatible with our human chemistry. The science behind this product is what drew me to the product and I’m delighted to have walked the path I have to wellness and also be responsible for bringing this knowledge to Australia today.

Judy from LifeCell Australia explains why she chose LifeCell