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Skincare Solutions for Day and Night

anti-aging products for day and nightMany of you are aware I am result orientated. I want the very best for our clients & this has me continually researching the research!! – The latest science, the latest information, allowing me to bring out the very best to you.

Over 6 years since I discovered the LifeCell Anti Aging Cream, I still love it. However, many people, particularly those of us who are a little more mature, found they required more moisture. This got me to the point when I knew I had to formulate a product with intense moisture and rejuvenation properties. Many of you now know that this led last November to the release of the CELL INFUSE STEMULATE, our signature product.

Many of you are making the change to an organic skincare regime & have found the change much easier than you thought, and IMPORTANTLY you have noticed a difference almost immediately.

For some of you it’s a new concept and this is why I suggest once you have run out of a product make the change. My philosophy is try and experience the power of Australian native organics and natural ingredients, simply because we are leading the way with a revolution of native extracts in anti-aging.

We are all get so busy in our everyday lives and so I also want to simplify your skin care regime.

As I said I still love the LifeCell Cream and I know many of you like it too. So, for those who are enjoying the LifeCell Cream, I suggest doing as I do. Use the LifeCell cream by day and our CELL INFUSE STEMULATE by night.

LifeCell will rejuvenate your skin from the cellular level & includes the powerful extraction of plant stem cells from the rare Uttwiler Spatlauber apple.

CELL INFUSE Australia natural skin careWith STEMULATE it’s all about ORGANIC and Natural – Fresh Organic Aloe as the base ingredient, this natural ‘life giving’ plant. Pure Organic concentrated native extracts to penetrate the skin and nourish at a cellular level to naturally assist the building of collagen. Applying this by night allows for deep penetration into the dermis. Your skin is made up of about 30 per cent water. Most of that moisture is stored in the lower layers of skin (the dermis). The top layer – the epidermis – cannot draw down into the layers below to take up moisture. The only way moisture travels up to the epidermis is when new cells (formed in the dermis) carry it there.

The growth of new cells is greatly enhanced with high levels of Stem Cells. As these new cells bring moisture up, the epidermis must lock it in. To do this, your skin produces a film of water and oil to seal in the moisture. This is known as the “hydro-lipid barrier”. STEMULATE is made in three phases. Firstly, the base ingredients, Secondly, extracts and lipids and thirdly, Vitamin C along with Natural fragrance.

Because you asked for it, we have combined these two ingredients into our LifeCell/STEMULATE Pack for you to enjoy & see the awesome benefits.

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