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No matter what your age is, you can revitalize your skin, hair and nails
AND have flawless skin… Plus give your body’s battery a natural energy boost so it’s working to it’s optimum level.

A big part of this kind of transformation must come from within, from key supplements that you take regularly each day. Superfoods for the body, Collagen Supplement for skin & oxygen for life.

The Trim & Terrific Pack contains:

LifeCell Collagen Booster, Duo of CELL Infuse Super Greens & CELL Infuse Oxygen.

When developing CELL Infuse Super Greens, I considered all the bodily system functions and identified the most potent, alkalising raw ingredients to bring each system into balance. I have selected eight organic ingredients because of their unique properties, which range from anti-ageing to detoxing, from fighting inflammation to fortifying us essential vitamins and minerals. Together they rejuvenate, energise, renew and rebuild this wonderful home we live in, our body.

CELL Infuse Super Greens with 8 nutrients – organic & gluten free blend has been formulated to be absorbed at a cellular level & help your body’s organ system function at an optimum level. Get your necessary daily nutrients with just one scoop & this will help you detoxify, alkalize & boost your immune system. Remain healthy & you feel the difference. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you for it & you will feel energised. The Cacao gives it a delicious taste too.

CELL Infuse Oxygen is a most vital element to the human body & insufficient oxygen can lead to mild fatigue or even life threatening diseases. Oxygen is the primary fuel required for correct functionality of all the body’s organs & assists with tissue reconstruction and reinforces natural skin healing. Our CELL Infuse Oxygen is available in drop or spray for quick and easy daily use.

LifeCell Collagen capsules go to work on the inside, rejuvenating & revitalizing as they contain some of the most sort after antioxidant & natural extracts. Resveratrol, Collagen and HA are ranked amongst the best & most effective anti-aging ingredients so you know you are giving yourself a great supplement. Take 2 capsules a day, preferably in the morning.